Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Almost got this wedding dress fabric from Mood

I think the worst part about this wedding dress stuff has been deciding on the overall shape of the dress, and deciding on the fabric. There are so many fun possibilities! I know that once the two pieces are decided, it's easier to design it 'live' so to speak. But sheesh! So this fabric was pretty awesome. It is a cotton/linen type, with strips of cotton sewn on top of it in swirly shapes. Totally cool and couture looking, and only $14 a yard. $14 in Mood is on the lower end.

It was so hard to decide! Jenny came to the store and is holding it tight in back, so that we can see the shape to make sure it wouldn't look padded on me. But in the end, I couldn't stray from my vision of dupioni, and the dress I sketched on the plane with its possibility for details. So I ended up getting that tulle I have above my head for the veil, which is sprinkled with flowers on the bottom. I want to cut out some of my own flowers for another layer of tulle, and stitch them on the bottom. The veil will be layered and short. 

So. While I didn't get this fabric, and did find an ivory dupioni, I think I will go back and get this fabric for a rehearsal dinner splash of a dress!



giant chocolate bunny said...

Hey - that fabric kinda looks like a giant paper towel (in a good way..). How PERFECT for you!? Now you can coffee sweat all you want, AND your dress will just soak it up for you! This way I wont have to follow you around with a role on your wedding day!

Mista said...

Ahh! You are too much, and know too many of my secrets! Good thing I didn't get it...for the wedding...

Mista said...

On second thought, Giant Chocolate Bunny, you are just terrible! (she is my maid of honor) I am telling mom that you said that.

ps: mom says that you are being a good maid of honor, and most likely agrees with you. but i'm still making a skirt. so there.

giant chocolate bunny said...

Hey - I gotta live up to the title "Brat" of honor :P