Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Registry Overfloweth

You'd think we were inviting 400 people. Here's what happened: we might be slightly relocating to Columbus, where there is a brand new townhouse being built in the most loveliest of styles, for a reasonable price for the moment. David would continue to work and sleep in New York, and I would hold the fort in this new investment, which has nice things like closets and a large kitchen. And so began visions of tea parties, dinner parties, summer picnics, etc.

After the mini bachelorette party (pictures to come!!) in Chicago with Dental Mista and two New Mom Mistas, I was unleashed in Crate & Barrel with a scanner gun! 148 items later, we uploaded it into the system (and it worked this time), and took off for Pottery Barn, then to Sephora for some wedding makeup (Dental Mista is actually a secret makeup artist), and then snuggled into a booth in one of Chicago's finest soul food restaurants overlooking downtown to discuss our selections.

Did we stop there? No! Restoration Hardware, Macy's, and Rosanna Inc. What is Rosanna Inc.? Only one of the cutest spots for china on the Internet today. I built my own little registry for it on the wedding website and have put my sister in charge of removing the items from the list, since they don't have an official registry yet.

I evaluated all of the websites, like Sur la Table, Bed Bath, etc, for ease of use of the website, and just plain good thinking. If they did anything dumb, like not include pictures of products when you are building the registry (ahem, Sur la Table), or not let you put in sale items, then they were voted off the link list. I went unexpectedly crazy for the ice blue (ice blue kitchen aid mixer, recipe boxes, bowels, lemon squeezer, flour canisters), and the Martha Stewart Collection. And I treated myself (I mean, ourselves), to the copper pots and pans. I know that they need polishing, and are a pain, but I am in love with copper, that this denial has worn me down, and I even requested the polisher. I love polishing. Therefore, we may get no pots and pans. ;) Since they are so pricey.

Here are a few items from Rosanna that I love, and if you want to take a peek into the registries, voila!

Crate and Barrel
Restoration Hardware
Pottery Barn
Rosanna Inc

beach china
Check it out >

dinner party
Check it out >

blue beach glass
Check it out >

madre glasses
Check it out >

soda fountain
Check it out >

cake plate
Check it out >

paris candle sticks
Check it out >

Aren't you so hungry? Don't you want me to invite you over??

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