Friday, February 15, 2008

Justice of the Peace, in the name of Health Insurance...

justice of the peaceGet me to a Justice of the Peace, and bring the Witness! No, I am not overwhelmed with wedding details. I got an unexpected letter of termination for my health insurance this week, which I thought was normal because the group I get my health insurance through, The Freelancers Union, had switched insurance providers, so I had to select another plan by December 31. On December 28th, I selected my plan, selected which doctor I wanted (as required by the website), and enrolled my little heart out. I got a confirmation email that day, and I was a happy little camper.

The following weeks, I got an email from The Freelancers Union apologizing for the website being so hard to register through, since they had gotten overwhelmed with new plan sign ups, and they were processing it all. Well, I thought to myself, it sure had been hard to register online, and I did have to do it 3 times before it took but I chalked it up to their website that is normally hard to use. However, when I called to ask some dumb question, I was like 17 in line, and normally I'm second in line. So in fact, I guess I did experience the swamp.

In mid January, I emailed The Freelancers Union to see about my health insurance card. I needed a new one. They responded that they were still swamped, and were processing everything. Fair enough. I'm not terribly sick. There are a few appointments I could make, but I could put those on hold.

Enter February and the termination letter from the previous company. Thinking this letter was normal procedure from switching insurance companies, it only prompted me to email The Freelancers Union about that card I hadn't received yet. They responded back saying that in fact on January 2, 2008, I had logged in and terminated my coverage. Enter a very irate FashionMista who now has to wrack her brain to remember if I logged into the system to delete my coverage. A foggy, very faint memory has me logging in to delete what I thought was that previous coverage in order to get the new plan to activate. Now, is this a fabricated memory to explain this craziness? Or, did The Freelancers Union email me telling me to delete my previous coverage, in order to activate the new coverage? And that makes my brain hurt, because even that would be kind of odd. So maybe I didn't do it. I searched my emails for an email like this, but I found nothing. So, all we know is that I have a confirmation on December 28, 2007, of me enrolling myself, and then someone at The Freelancers Union tells me that they see that on January 2nd, 2008, I logged in and terminated.

Now. The simple solution would be to start new coverage for March. But no. The Freelancers Union has a waiting period of 9 months after termination. They instead have offered me their late enrollment plan, in which I must sign up within the next week, and pay the back months of January and February. Now, they have a two month in advance payment plan, so you have to pay for two months in advance, which would be March and April. My plan would cost $235. That's $940 right now to cough up, when I had no insurance for January or February. Nice of the Freelancers Union to offer the late enrollment plan to me, but I really don't want to pay for insurance I didn't have for two months. That's $470 for nothing.

Enter the DGA. David is a member of the Directors Guild. They have fabulous insurance. If we are married, I'm in! And if we have 12 kids, they are in too! For nothing additional. Now do you see why I want to go the Justice of the Peace? I told this to David last night over our Valentine's dinner, and he said that I was using him. ;)

I think it would actually be sort of romantic. Married in New York City? In some building? Like secret lovers! But would all of our guests be upset? Because that wouldn't be good. And my mom has not given her blessing on this idea.

But on second thought, if we got legally married here, then we could have anyone we wanted bless us as the ceremony. Right now, we do not know religious people who could preform this. There are recommendations, but they are all random. And the top recommendation is not available. And David would really want his uncle to bless us, because he is himself a religious person, though not a minister or anything.

On third thought, our wedding parties could bless us! My sister and brother, David's twin sister and her husband, and my longest friend. Then, anyone we wanted to do a special blessing, like my grandfather, and David's uncle. It could all be very wonderful.

ps: the above photo came from this website.

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