Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stylish Laundry Hampers for Apartments and Home

Saturday morning coffee was devoted to to an online search for a stylish laundry hamper. Requirements: able to fit behind bedroom door of the apartment, or off to the side; wheels would be nice to bringing to the building laundry room; no wicker (it breaks when dragged to said laundry room). I checked the usual suspects: Bed Bath, Amazon, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Stylehive (thanks to me, it now has lots more "hampers"), Etsy. Thanks to, I found new hamper outlets...

Wooden Amanda Double Tilt Hamper - $149
This is a favorite, though it doesn't have wheels, and I'm not sure if it can fit behind the door. But things can fit on top of it.
stylish wooden laundry hamper

Wooden Hampton Bay Double Tilt-Out Hamper - $149

stylish white wooden wood laundry hamper

Kiwi 3-Compartment Hamper Tote $39.99

This super cute hamper was a tip from jewelry designer dejarnette.
stylish brocade laundry hamper

Followed by the Dry Cleaning Hamper Tote
dry cleaning hamper tote

Chrome Hamper on Wheels $42.99
This is the most practical, because the wheels are so useful. But, laundry is exposed to the world, and the circular shape causes space waste in an apartment when butted between a wall, a door, and a dresser.
stylish chrome laundry hamper wheels

Wooden Modern Tilt-Out Wastebin/Hamper - $199
stylish wooden modern laundry hamper

Whitney Design 07137 Silver Triple Sorter Plus - $17.95
A safe bet. On wheels, three sorters, square for no space waste.
sorter laundry hamper

But I might get two of these Laundry Boxes - $ for me, green for David...
colorful laundry box

Lots more are in the FashionMista Stylehive:


tina said...

I have the chrome hamper (it ws a hamper hand-me-down). But it lost a wheel somewhere and has become quite awkward. On the other hand, i have found that all hampers break down after a year or so of heavy use, so maybe try not to spend too too much.

SpaceStylist said...

Surely the $10 a week I'm spending on new underwear b/c my dog keeps eating it is enough to warrant the purchase of a lovely hamper...