Friday, January 18, 2008

Love Cards and a Super Funny Video

Please look at the funniest video that I saw on melissahead's blog. I was eating while watching, and if you're laughing out loud while eating, that could be a problem. So, finish up, then watch.

Then, I visited her etsy shop for stationery, and about cleaned it out for her Valentine's Cards!! Keep checking the store as she ads new things! I hope she does it soon, because I want to do some Stylehive Therapy. Some of you (only 4, sorry, that's all she had) will get a Valentine card, and David will get some love coupons for chores and a date. He's also getting a nice custom framed picture of our love ring. I should get him something manly. Maybe some golf balls as encouragement of spring.

red valentines cards

red valentines cards


Melissa said...

You are the absolute bestest! And thank goodness I read this post because I forgot that I need to relist them. I actually do have more, but since they charge you for each item listed, I try to keep the numbers down. :-) Plus that's what the etsy pros say to do, and I'll take every tip I can get!

Mista said...

Ah ha! Thank goodness you have more!