Saturday, January 26, 2008

Juno Soundtrack ROCKS - So Happy Sounding

Juno soundtrack cover artI'm close to finishing my bookkeeping for 2007 taxes, and I've accidentally turned on my new Juno soundtrack in my iPod, and now I'm just happily bouncing through other people's websites, spitting out ideas for other people's websites, calling people with ways to live in New York and Somewhere Else at the same time. I say that I accidentally turned on Juno because I have a bad tendency to listen to albums on repeat, It sort of sets the mood for whatever I'm doing, and then I can consistently work that way. Plus, I was waiting for happy time when I could relax and just listen to Juno all day. Yesterday it was Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat, while I calmly balanced projects. But, today I was up early, thanks to Gerdy's latest bathroom bouts because she's been eating the cat food, so was on the phone (the iPhone). When I pressed the talk button on my ear buds, Juno turned on. Juno is now the only album in my iPhone because when I went to add it to the iPhone, I did it wrong (never been very good at that) and switched out all albums for Juno. Hence, I accidentally turned it on, and now can't turn it off.

The best part about it is the surprise song, Anyone Else But You, sung by the movie's stars, Michael Cera and Ellen Page. What a well cast movie. I just want to eat up Michael Cera's character. It goes without saying that Ellen Page was just amazing on so many levels.

You can totally get the Juno CD at Amazon. I had to get it at Barnes and Noble b/c I don't know if iTunes carries soundtracks. Same with Cat Steven's Teaser.

Watch the Juno trailer:

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