Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fairy Godmother Corset Wedding Gown Designer

Wedding gown designer Alisa Benay, self pronounced fairy godmother, just commented on the Ring Bling-a-Ling, so of course I had to see who she was by clicking through her Blogger profile. OMG. What beautiful corset wedding gowns awaited me on the other side!! Alisa is inspired by historical fashions, and loves the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as do I. The first clothing design I ever drew was of a corset and frilly bloomers for a college costuming class. Since then, the closest I have come to that look is with a bustier which was designed for my first made-to-measure client and dear friend.

Being a traditionalist, my mom has forbidden me to design a corset for my wedding gown. PS: I'm designing my wedding gown, come hell or high water. My seamstress and I are going to have a blast in the garment district. Had I not been so determined by this, I think I might just have Alisa Benay do it.

Look at the bustle, the clasps, the sash...very romantic.
alisa benay corset wedding dress

So much is happening so fast - engagement, Paris, Thanksgiving, clients, save the date card, Christmas, wrenches into wedding details, The Ring, wedding details solved, we might move to Columbus - that I have not allowed one ounce of my brain to begin dreaming of the dress. But looking at Alisa's website has just opened the doors...

I told David I wanted a corset, and he high-fived me. Ha! I actually may pursue the bustier, like the one I designed here, with maybe a Katelette, but somehow, I want to blend white, flowing silk dupioni with soft tulle, maybe inspired by a ballerina, the tulip, and the Wild West.


WeddingSavvy said...

How lovely! What a great find!

Alisa_Benay said...

Awww...thanks for the blog love! Sorry to have led you on the merry goose chase. Even though I should be able to, I can't comment on blogger from my wordpress account.

My e-mail is on my website. Feel free to contact me & I'll walk you through how to engineer a corset structure inside a regular gown. :-)

Mista said...

I love blog love. No worries on the chase - that's half the fun of this online stuff. I'm going to switch to WP too, and will have to do just as you did with your blogger account! But glad I could find you. Thanks for the offer!

Danielle said...

Beautiful gown! I love the corset!