Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I've Been MIA.

I'm not going to lie. I've been hiding. Hiding in work, glued to my chair, which is getting harder and harder by the day, which means I have a bruised butt and need a massage more than ever. But most importantly, you ask, is: How is the bride. How is the wedding planning. And I've been dodging those answers. Even now, as Dental Mista calls me from Chicago, I am dodging her call because I am finally on the blog, typing something.

The truth: When one goes to Paris, and one is in the throws of launching her new pixelated extension of her design company, one finds that she has a #$*&-load of work to do, and fast. Design work, strategy work, invoicing to maybe collect some payments for all of this work. Work work work. So, when one goes to Paris, yet gets engaged shortly before, one has 1 zillion emails to answer either about plans in Paris, packing for Paris, and the ever-increasing wedding planning emails from mom. This equals an abandonment of gmail (I'm hiding in Facebook, so email me there).

When a newly engaged girl gets back from Paris, she is spun into the throws of wedding planning, for a destination wedding in Maine, a state that is only open in the summer and until Peak Season in the fall. Hotels do not even take reservations before March of that year. This means that one needs to high-tail it to Maine to physically scout locations, knock on doors of priests, meet up with the local and very well connected caterer who will come to double as wedding coordinator, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, pictures of Paris and of the Maine scouting trip will remain lodged tightly in the computer, never to see the light of the internet, let alone the juicy ink from a printer. If one is smart, one will focus on finding a Location Manager for a finance, because Location Managers manage locations for big movies for Steven Speilburg, right? So a wedding is like a no-brainer. Right? Wrong. That is the next post. :)


Melissa said...

C'mon! Pictures! Don't hold us in suspense!

Mista said...