Sunday, November 04, 2007

Moon Boots!

moon boots at free peopleIt's not like moon boots were the best looking boot, but I did love mine, as metallic-white-with-a-skier as they were. I wore them to my first day of kindergarten as a new kid from Syracuse, NY to Cleveland, OH. I don't remember wearing them on that particular day, but a friend who just loved giving me a hard time for some reason did have the vision of me walking into that classroom wearing them. Hey. They were soft and comfortable. Maybe a little clunky to walk in, but I think I'd do it again. But mothers - take note - the other kids are paying attention and your child could be mocked for life.

I was checking out the eclat blog, and saw that she listed the Free People blog on her blog, so I visited, and saw their 'jogging boots' that look an awful lot like moon boots. Coincidence? There are no coincidences in fashion. Here is the website for the real Moon Boot. But they don't look as fun or forgiving as the ones I had in kindergarten.

Ok, for the record, Moon Boot is in Wikipedia, and Jon Heder did wear them in Napolian Dynomite, as did Aubree Miller in Ewoks. I should really be paying my bills and not Googling Moon Boot. Here are a whole bunch of moon boots on ebay.

purple vintage moon bootsOh, and here are some now vintage moon boots like my mom used to have, and I coveted them. Coveted. But I think her heel was higher. Or at least it was to me.

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