Friday, November 02, 2007

Here Comes The Ring

ring-oliver-drawing, originally uploaded by KT Flicker.

You know how we are designing the ring. We did online research (notice how everything is "we" now?), we printed a bazillion pictures of Art Deco and Edwardian inspired rings, and tulip shaped rings. We scribbled all over the pages, saying what we liked and didn't like. And there were things that I liked, but David didn't like, and vice versa. I did some drawings, at David's request, and he collected all of the madness and shipped it off to the jewelry designer in Columbus, OH. Jeff.

David thought that Jeff would get overwhelmed. But Jeff didn't and went to work on his drawing of the ring in watercolor. He did an exact size drawing, framed it with matte, and FedExed it. I haven't seen the drawing, but David has been studying it, forcing the details on me! I don't want to see it until is is presented to me by him. So, here is Oliver covering up the drawing from me so that I don't sneak a peek.

But here are details: it may have a tulip, cupped shape for the diamond to sit in; 2 of my grandmother's pink diamonds may be there; 2 safaris may be there (sounds like I'm having a garden); and Edelweiss vines around the band; platinum, because of the details going on.

The next steps are making the ring mold. Jeff himself will make the mold out of a plastic. Then the metal works guy will insert the platinum into the mold, and that's all that I know at this point.


David said...

Oliver is the master ring bearer!!!

eclat said...

How romantic!...I cannot wait to see the finished product. It sounds absolutely amazing!