Friday, October 05, 2007

Momentary gasp for air

Hi, ok, so I was going to do this fabulous follow-up-engagement post on how I need to get Thank You note stationery for all of the nice things that happen, like flowers, bribes to neighbors of where we want to have the wedding in Maine (the neighbor's yard goes into our yard, or vice versa, and we need to take it over if we want to get married there), and things like that, but the truth is, I woke up this Friday morning after dreaming that I was leaving for Paris on Thursday, and that Thursday is now less than a week away, and that I actually dreamed a true fact. And what's worse, is that when I get panicky like this, I talk and type in very long run-on sentences.

I'm canceling on friends right and left because I think that I can't do anything except remember to pack, call a taxi, and get onto the plane. For big trips, I have this odd fear of forgetting to go. It's really not a fun sensation. We're still waiting for the placeholder ring, and David has requested more drawings for the engagement ring design. I'm thinking tulip inspired now (scroll way down). Very pretty designs out there.

So anyway, here's some pretty bird letterpress stationery from ilee that I'm going to get. Isn't it pretty? This could be the first of many stationeries that I buy...

bird letterpress stationery etsy ille

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