Wednesday, September 05, 2007

QuickBooks for Breakfast

It has come to this. You don't see me, because I am camouflaged into the paperwork. All year, I have not entered one thing. Not one piece of paper or receipt into any excel sheet or tracking system. I have been printing them, for the most part (gawd, this has gotten bad), but waiting until I wrap my brain around QuickBooks. And wrapping it I have. Mornings are now devoted to entering invoices, payments and expenses into QuickBooks.

quickbooks in the morning

The dance used to be quite painful, and I've re-done my "Company" in QuickBooks about 3 times because I'll save it wrong or suddenly it will be messed up and not accessible. But third time's a charm. This morning I only lost about 20 minutes after I finished about an hour creating invoices and receiving payments for them. I lost the 20 minutes on "Writing Checks" (just a term...I already paid this stuff via PayPal or paper checks) to people I'm working with, but I needed to create Bill for them first, and then pay the bill. So when I went to see how much I'd paid them already by running some speedy little pre-programmed report, nothing showed. That's ok. Tomorrow's another day. With more warm coffee with heavy cream and honey. Yum.

quickbooks for small businessIf you're in business for yourself, and have not gotten QuickBooks yet, I highly, highly, highly recommend it. It's beyond Excel on crack. It's Excel at Harvard.

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quickbooks for dummiesOoh, and here is QuickBooks for Dummies.

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