Friday, August 31, 2007

Breakfast for Girly Champions :: Croissant Scrambled Egg Sandwich

croissant scrambled egg sandwichBack when I worked in an office that was next to Pax Wholesome Foods, I would order a yummy scrambled egg sandwich on a croissant for a late breakfast. So to continue that luxury, here is the recipe for making this breakfast at home:

Ingredients for scrambled eggs on a croissant:
1 croissant (I get mine from Silver Moon Bakery)
2 eggs, preferably organic
a bunch of spinach on the stem
cheddar cheese
1 slice butter
1 rubber spatula

Cut the croissant in half, so that you have a top and a bottom. Scramble your eggs in a bowl by mixing them very quickly with a fork, sprinkling salt to taste into the egg mixture. A few dashes. Maybe 5 (I have normal blood pressure). If you have a gas stove, turn onto low heat (if electric, turn on as the first thing you do). Cut a thin slice of butter and spread on the warm/hot pan. Should not bubble or turn brown, but should spread. If turns brown, your pan is too hot. Shave the cheddar into the egg mixture to taste. Pour the egg mixture into the pan, turning the heat up just a bit.

Stir, or scramble, the eggs with the rubber spatula, making sure to clear all sides from the top and bottom of the pan. Repeat this motion until done. You want to scramble the egg mixture gradually so that the cheese has time to melt. Place the bunch of spinach into the pan, and continue stirring, or scrambling. Continue scrambling (and remember, this is not a frantic motion - it's a nice turning of the mixture in the pan - be nice to the eggs) until the eggs are to your satisfaction. The sooner you remove them from the heat, the runnier they will be. Leave then in the pan long, and you will have dryer eggs.

Gingerly scoop the eggs onto the awaiting croissant bottom, and cover with its top. Put on a plate, grab a glass of milk, and voila!


Anonymous said...

Omg, this is totally making me miss the states!! I WANT SCRAMBLED EGGS!!!

Mista said...

I'm packing for Paris soon!! My godmother sent us an email of how to do it...Blog post to come.