Thursday, July 05, 2007

Etsy Love :: Leather Cuff Bracelet

Can we talk about this? How cool is this leather cuff bracelet from GreenBelts? I'm lounging on top of my "new" poly-filled puffy comforter that I lifted from my Mom's house, and am drinking a glass of my uncle's yummy new wine, the Australian Barossa Jack (I mean that his company, Vintage Point, represents it...and it is so hard to stop drinking). I'm searching for a silver man bracelet on Etsy, but came across this:

green leather cuff bracelet from greenbelts on

I'm buying it. But the search for the silver man bracelet continues. Why? No reason in particular..

But quickly, I have randomly found these penguin cufflinks after a search for "silver men" because "silver man bracelet" did not yeild such hot results on I think I will get these because David and I saw March of the Penguins together in Maine, and also maybe in New York. This could be a symbolic gift, right? These are made in and shipped from Edinburgh, so I'd better hurry.

penguin cufflinks


Melissa said...

Lucky! That cuff rocks and you snatched up the only one! Eh, my puny wrists are probably too small anyhow.

Mista said...

I had to act fast! But there are more...

mlle smith said...

I love that cuff...I just bought a funky reptilian/metal cuff out at the "brocante" yesterday. It's quite funky...seriously considering posting pics.


Mista said...

show pics!

Skin Care Beauty Zone said...

hi Mista

tat leather cuff is not sooooo gud but eventhough it's not so bad[hahaha].let me know when u will post abt silver man bracelet.