Saturday, June 02, 2007

What if FashionMista Became a Shop?

What if. I'm redesigning this blog, and I've been kicking around the idea of adding a shop to FashionMista, like a Mista Marketplace or something. What do you think? I haven't showcased any designers in a while, but I love doing it. As I was designing another potential design, I was putting buttons across the top and just could not resist adding "shop." Would you shop here? Or even browse?

I'd sell little earrings, stationery (letterpress, yum), trinkets, necklaces, blown glass things, anything that looks unique and is not plastered over the other online boutiques. I really do get so jealous of boutique owners. So maybe before I go down to Columbus Avenue to open up a brick and mortar, I could start by opening my doors online.

But, would this mean I could talk less about the developments of Katie James? And give tips? Because I love doing that, too. And showing pictures of trips, and telling you all about David. I would definitely include Conversations with Emerging Designers. That's a no brainer. What do you think?

Oh, here's a picture of the design I'm liking today. It's white, so it's not pink like the current blog. Would I be like every other white blog?

fashionmista redesign


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Anonymous said...

I love that layout. It's simple, minimal, and draws the eye to the feature. I wouldn't recommend putting too much on the left and right. Sometimes those left and right sidebars can just make a website look crazy and busy!

My shop page will only have my items, but maybe I could also feature a few items from other designers...not sure yet. So far, I'll just have my little shop on that page. The shop page I actually like the look of it and I would LOVE to make it so that people can buy immediately from my shop page, but for now, it redirecting them to my etsy page is fine. I've barely even done anything with my etsy page yet. I've been experimenting with the camera and so far, I think it's just best if I go with the photo studio's services. My photography skills are tres horrible! :0l

Mista said...

I meant to ask you...what is your etsy store? Go ahead and put a link here in the comment box! I'll favorite something and it will show up in my favorites etsy side column thing.

Glad you like the layout! Thanks for the comments. I know, sometimes those sidebars get crazy...I'm trying to keep it minimal...while still sneaking in features. :)

Tiff said...

I think you should go for it and sell designers on your site.
You've got such a great eye and writing skills as well!
I would send your link out to all my friends if that can