Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Girlie Show :: Watch This Video

Just watched this YouTube video on (and possibly by) The Girlie Show - a really girly, pink, art show of really unique things made by artists and designers, started as a way to bring girls who maybe are ugly ducklings in the fine art world, to a place of swans, all swans!! Thanks to Kathy at Brooklyn Indie Designers Market for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend in Oklahoma showcased at the Girlie Show for the past two years...she said the performance was disappointing this year (it was more of a social event this year, she said), while the last year, she had incredible sales. Thanks for posting this video, I would never have discovered it, otherwise...

I wonder how these sorts of shows pan out for young designers. It's a bummer for me to create the jewelry up front, if it doesn't all sell...I then have to find a way to get rid of all of it, or break each piece down to use the raw product again, and melt down the gold. :0l

Mista said...

You know, I wondered that. I don't really do markets because I really want to factor my time into it, or if I was to pay someone to sell for me, and it's just not profitable. But, I liked the spirit of this show from the YouTube video. I've heard about the Shecky's Girls Night Out, and saw their promo video when they contacted me to sell, and it just looked like a cocktail fest. And I have heard mostly low-sales type comments. So, I could only guess that this would be simuar. Interesting that your friend had high sales the first time, and not the second. That part of doing markets does make me so curious, because of the opportunity to analyze people's behavior/energy, or your own as a sales person.