Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh My - Did You See This Wedding Proposal Video?

Just read about this wedding proposal from one of my SEO SEO
guy built a website around getting a super
proposal to his girlfriend
by placing ad ad during the Super
Bowl. When that didn't happen, he got an ad on her favorite show,
Veronica Mars, for Feb. 6 (sooo much more appropriate!!). I'm so
bummed! It was the one time I chose not to watch Veronica Mars so that
I could work! Her reaction is extraordinary. The videos are
and here...

His Proposal

Her Reaction to His Proposal

(she takes a little longer to load)

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Anonymous said...

The reaction seems, to me, to be a big act. She walks into the room, flicks on the TV, and instantly sees the proposal, and this is what makes me skeptical. The timing is just too instantaneous.

Secondly, her reaction is almost cliche-girl. She does the rapid brething and the flapping hands in front of the mouth, in the classic "happy beauty queen" pose. She never questions if this is a joke, which is another tipoff.

So I think her reaction, and possibly the entire thing, is staged.

--Midnight Sun

Mista said...

This is a good point, but he's got quite a large website devoted to this very thing (and is a computer geek guy):, so I suspect it may be true.

The other thing is, this video camera filming it could be his laptop, which would make the whole thing really easy to set up. Just turn the laptop to face her. She doesn't question that it is a joke b/c he then follows up with a ring...?

The flicking on of the TV is suspect. But maybe someone yelled: "It's on!" if she had stepped away for a commercial break. I think he would know exactly the minute it was on, since he paid for it...

As for her reaction, she's just hyperventalating. If she is faking that, I think she should get into the movie business!

Anonymous said...

I'm still not convinced. This might all be part of an egomaniac's urge to get more exposure/attention, or it could be part of a plan to convince people he has "It" for work, or whatever. This is America, and everyone wants to be famous. Maybe he has the money to spend, and she demanded that he do something like this to prove his love. I certainly know people with the ego to want this kind of treatment. "Propose to me in front of the world--it will prove I'm awesome and that you love me!"

Plus, I'm just not convinced that the viewing looks natural. If I saw someone I knew appear on TV, the first thing I would do is ask "What is this?" or "Is this a trick?" I would not immediately start bawling and doing hands-in-front-of-face.

Mista said...

As I recall, because I did watch it a few times, all the girl could say was "WHAAAT? WHAAAAT?" (which is a variation of what you, Anonymous, said that you would say) and looked kind of bad doing, I must admit. I mean, this was not the most flattering image of her! First of all, she's in her grubs watching Tuesday night TV, hair pulled back, no makeup. Maybe she never wears makup anyway, but still. She was in comfortable mode. To to hypervenalate on tv/online...not good.

As for ego maniacs. He could be one, but it didn't strike me as one. For one thing, I heard about this in my SEO (search engine optimization) forum. There are a TON of geeky ego maniacs in there. The woman who started the forum has a newsletter, and THAT's where I heard about the video. She is a very opinionated person, and stated that she never watches online videos, but that this one was from a regular forum member that she just found out about. Now, she would not miss it if he mentioned it in the forum to get people to his blog. She reads all of the threads. So she was shocked when she learned of this guy's project.

Thirdly, and I have not read the guy's blog, but it seems that he raised the money. I don't think he was sitting on the cash, at all. In any event, he did not have the money to pay for this upfront, and had to raise it. No idea what that does to his taxes.

So, I believe it.

Anonymous said...

He had to raise the money? That's so insane. If I found out that my girlfriend went out to raise money so she could take out a TV ad saying she loved me, to the tune of $250,000, I would break up with her right there. How about going on a romantic vacation? Or 2500 fancy dinners? Or a wedding? What's wrong with people?

Mista said...

Well that's a good point too. At least we're on the same page that it actually is real. But, when you put it that way, $250,000 or a down payment for a house...

However, he couldn't have raised money for a downpayment. Only something very public.

However, it is possible that an ad on Veronica Mars costs less than that. Plus, he said he bought it Pacific Time, which maybe was less? Speculation here. Maybe it cost $75,000. Or maybe even $50,000. But still. That could have been a Volkswagon of my choice with leather and maybe a convertible.