Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Gray Hair

It's official. I'm dying. Not even 30 yet, and dying. Oh dear.

I have found faux gray hairs before, but those are most likely from over processed hair, because some of the strand of hair will be brown (root), then blond, then the white. Most likely damaged hair, right? Well, this one is one of my little side pieces of hair, like that I put behind my ears or gets combed back when I put my glasses on, as what I was just doing to see this glaringly offending piece of hair.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is why Britney made the decision to cut off all her hair--she found an offending grey one. Well, she took care of that! No more embarrassment in store for her.

Please, do not take her as inspiration.

Mista said...

Oh Britney. My friend Kelly W and I had a moment of silence for her last night. Then Kelly W admitted that she had a secret crush on Justin Timberlake. Whaat! This was after my soon-to-be-former coworker, who likes punk guys with weird music and has never heard of Norah Jones, admitted that she has a crush on Justin Timberlake. No!

I will not shave my head. I do have odd visions of me cutting my hair off while in a ponytail. I think that would be fun and I wonder if it would go up in the ponytail the same way each time - like would the pony always be even.

At any rate, let us notice that Justin and KFed have the same shaved head, and now so does Britney.

Anonymous said...

What is up with women loving JT? A former co-worker of mine (and yours) recently mentioned she found him delicious, which I found upsetting. He looks like a balding child, or, as they are more commonly known, a baby. Clive Owen--there's a handsome man...

southern belle said...

And the grey ones are all sparkly and shiny, which is lovely except that they're freaking GREY! My grandmother's hair didn't turn grey until she was about 70, but my 19-year-old sister and I have both started finding (and immediately yanking) the little miscreants this year. WTF?

Mista said...

Oh no!! I think you should not yank! What if it comes back double, like with plucking?

I REALLY need to start doing the yoga. Think that might help ward these shiny things off.