Monday, January 29, 2007

No More Candles for Katie

I got grounded. David's hiding all of the matches from me until I can learn to remember to blow out candles when I leave the house. He is already upset about moving up here (we were neighbors on a lower floor, then I moved several stories up, and then I invited him to join me) without a window ladder of some kind for us to climb down in case of a fire. Lord knows what I'd do with the animals.

Candle blob dangerous, but it looked so cool melted! And it smelled so good.

It's WAX

So gross, I know. Dinah is who gave it away when we came in last night. She had clumpy stuff on her whiskers, and more clumpy stuff on her ear. It wouldn't come off, and at first I thought the wax was kitty litter. Dinah likes to clean things around the house by covering/burying them, so I suspect that is what she tried to do with the candle wax, that dripped and splattered all over the floor. Good thing that piece of electronic equipment is just for show b/c I keep forgetting to throw it out.

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Stephanie said...

That has definitely happened to me before. I didn't leave the house though, I just wasn't paying attention then all of a sudden I hear a strange trickling noise.

Anonymous said...

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