Saturday, October 07, 2006

My First Baby Burp Cloth

Coming soon to, Pretty Baby Burp Cloths! All hail my new serger that I've devoted 2 Saturdays to in order to thread it correctly (remember when I couldn't get it to work?). Now I fully understand what they mean when they say: pick your colors, because you won't want to change them.

baby burp cloth

baby burp cloth

For this baby burp cloth, I used one spool of baby pink while the others are brown, so that a pink loop runs along the side of the burp cloth. One side is a printed cotton, and the other is a super soft french terrycloth. Washable of course. To be notified when it's available for sale, sign up for the newsletter. You'll get subscriber-only discounts, alerts of new, free desktop wallpaper, and whatever else happens at Katie James.

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Courtney said...

Holy Sh*t, they are GORGEOUS! I want them NOW! Katie girl, way to rock. Boy, I knew you could do it,which makes me so happy I told you to do this! Amazing...when will they be available?? Life is crazy around here- Caitlin is WALKING!!! Yikes.

love, C W jonke

Mista said...

Walking!?! Yay! Tell us about her first steps!

Yay to liking the burp cloth! I'm sooo glad you spotted the need! I loved going through your basket of burp cloths on Caitlin's floor. I only wish she was still burping!

They will be availble when I send them to the women in Alabama to see how much they can make them for. In the meantime, I will be the lead production person! And I need to buy this special mat thing for my rotary cutter, so that I can cut this simple shape in a straight line. You'd be amazed at how I can NOT cut straight. :)

Courtney W J said...

I feel like a proud mom all over again. Hey, we still use burb clothes around here! They really are fabulous. She's been taking steps like 3 to 5 for several weeks now and furniture walking long before, but at a play date last wednesday with two friends, whose little boys are younger and smaller than Caitlin and have been walking for a month or longer, she decided the hell with thing we know she's walking around their house chasing the boys!! She hugs them and knocks them to the ground because she is so much bigger...too funny! She's picked it up too darn quickly since then. It is amazing how fast your life changes when they begin walking. Anyways, we miss you. Excited for Christmas. Will David be here too?? Off to fetch the little walking as we speak! Keep me posted- so proud & excited.