Friday, October 13, 2006

Holiday Cards for Live-Ins

I've been dating David for almost 3 years now. We've lived together for almost 2 years, which means that last year I sent a Christmas Card - without him on it. Just Gerdy and Dinah. I'm thinking that it's just bad luck, or not fitting, to include a live-in-boyfriend on a holiday card. Am I wrong? I just got an email from Shutterfly on their holiday card options, so it's got me thinking...

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Anonymous said...

yes, it's a tough question. I send everything with just my name on it ( for hand written cards, not picture cards) but I do go back and forth as to when you do the live-in-boyfriend name on things.. I sent a mass card for a person we went to high school with's mother. i signed both our names ( i always get the OK from the boyfriend first!) but I just sent my sister an anniversary card, with just my name. It's a tough one! I'd say for holiday cards I'd keep it with you and the babies ( dinah and gerdy) and if you're sending to a mutual-ish person perhaps add in with pen " and David!" or " and David too!" ? lets catch up soon. babysitting the fam's kids tonight here for a Brooklyn sleepover ( so fun. lots of candy eating) and work tomorrow. but I wanna catch up on life, Katie James, etc. Was Kelly O's wedding this weekend or next?