Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gone Wheatgrass Crazy

I'm crazy. I've spent all day madly alternating between two very pressing deadlines, feeling like the walls are closing in with every passing minute, and yet, I get home, beg David to cook up his Peter Luger left over steak for us, and get to work on a new and exciting Conversation. SO excited am I about this one. First of all, it will be in pink. I think. If it looks good. But it's an inspirational one.

Oh, the point of this title, is that to prepare for the day of deadline madness, I had a one-ouncer of wheatgrass from Whole Foods for lunch. I knew it would keep me going through the night, feeling fresh as a daisy to post more content...and here I type at 11:06pm, after leaving work at 9pm. For some, 9pm is not very late at all. And I commend those people. For me, 9pm just means the end of one job, and the beginning of another...

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