Thursday, September 14, 2006

will running make my love handles go away?


This is an actual question that someone asked a search engine, and found FashionMista. I'm combing my referral logs to see what keywords people are using to get here, and that was a sentence! I'm going to tell ya, running (jogging) is the key to slimming down. Keep your legs really toned by walking as much as possible, but just getting a little cardio from running every day, or every week day like I try to do, is really effective. Not to mention great for your brain because you're letting your blood flow. David thinks that when he sweats, it cleanses his pours. So there's that to consider.

I just read in InStyle that Drew Barrymore does run and do yoga. It's a beautiful combination. For me, the combination of not running, and 3-4 nights of pasta in a row equals "bloop bloop," or quick love handle growth. I've also found that running can more quickly get rid of the "bloop bloop" than say, starving yourself or denying yourself a piece of frosted carrot cake, for example. If you run, you can eat it.

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Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of the way our body's are and become is hereditary. Seriously, hereditary! unfortunately. Anyone can slim down by starving themselves or the better and healtier way by diet and exercise; however, I don't think one can really get rid of all his/her serious dislikes IF it runs in your genes. For example, one of my friends eats really healthy as she once suffered from a serious eating disorder, and so se is very conscious of what she eats! She runs and swims and STILL she has a pouch on her belly!!! She CANNOT get rid of it much to her dismay so take this as you will.

Mista said...

I agree that a lot is hereditary, which accounts for metabolism too, but exercise definitely plays a role in strengthening your body, toning it, keeping it healthy and well oiled. I will always have a pouch, but my love handles are definitely affected by how much cardio I do. And the cardio I love best is running. I get the most results from it, in terms of energy, brain/oxygen flow, and a toned look. My "pasta pouch" will never go away. My grandmother has the stick out stomach, and I'm afraid many of her offspring will as well. I am born with chicken legs, but they definitely look better with toned muscle on them than two sticks with no shape. :) My two cents!

Queen A said...

You know how I feel about it....
Running changed my life....I love the way I feel when I'm done pounding the pavement in central park. The release of stress and the intake of endorphins, there's nothing like it!