Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Boston Fiji Party in Cleveland

So I'm minding my own business, listening to Bonnie Raitt's Takin My Time while battling with Quark to convert a file into a PDF, when an email flies into my inbox.

Apparently, Fiji water, water of the celebs, is running an ad where they step on Cleveland to announce their greatness. Like a bottled water company should ever compare their water to a Midwestern City in the first place! Aren't we supposed to think: "Oh good, $2.14 is giving me water from off the side of the freshest mountain."

:rolling eyes:

Here's the article on the ad, oh, and watch your arsenic levels, because apparently Fiji is already contributing a little more than you realize:

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CW Jonke said...

Damn glad I sent you that e-mail from JJ; it enfuriates me to think that Cleveland is getting disced so hard, and it is NOT funny or a joke, when CLEARLY, our city-water is free and better than that over priced Fiji water. Goddamned money making schemers in Cali. What will be next I ask you??? Young teens for lovers?? Oooh, wait, that has been done already by Peter Cook- C. Brinkley's soon to be ex. Is nothing sacred anymore??? Love this blog spot- GO MIDWEST, GO MIDWEST, GO!!! Love, Happy in the Midwest- Chagrin Falls, Oh.


Mista said...

Oh my goodness, we've got a live one here!

I'm trying to stick with helpful fashion and beauty related posts, and had drawn the line after my unrelated save the strays post, but when it comes to sticking up for Cleveland, I can't resist. Poor Cleveland. It really needs a break. And a new mayor, which it got. So we'll see.