Saturday, June 24, 2006

Frizzy? Aveda's Smoothing Fluid is Your New Best Friend

aveda smoothing fluid frizzyI just got a nice layered hair cut and highlights from Scott J, an Aveda Salon Spa (who offers affordable prices for New York) and came home with the best blow out I'd ever had. I have straight hair, but this was really straight...professionally straight. How did it get so straight? Aveda's Smoothing Fluid. My stylist applied it to my hair when wet, then dried my hair, then applied again. Not only was it straighter, but it was thinner.

I've used other smoothing balms, particularly Mop's Glisten. And I tried to not buy Aveda's Smoothing Fluid. But when I tried my stylists technique using Glisten, the same effect did not happen. More like weighted-down-hair-waiting-for-something to-happen. You can buy Aveda's Smoothing Fluid online at Amazon.

Even when it's raining and painfully humid in the apartment, if I use the smoothing fluid, stand outside of the bathroom (where it's cooler) I can have straight hair. I would say that everyone should apply this Aveda product to their hair when wet, even if you're not going to blow dry. I do.

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curly hair with aveda smoothing fluid Use Aveda Smoothing Fluid to make smooth, wavy curls. fashionmista aveda smoothing fluid

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Anonymous said...

I have VERY thick some-what curly, definitely wavy hair, which has a mind of its own! What I love about my hair is that some gel applied to my hair after a shower is always a winner, which saves me time, which I NEED now that I have a 10 month old. However, I have EVEY Aveda product under my sink because they work!! And, they are worth their price in hair gold because they WORK and smell good too...oh, and they are environmentally friendly, which is FAB too! Everyone should try 'em at least once because I guarentee once you go Aveda, you'll never go back!!! Blow-drying hair is always a pain, mine takes 30 minutes- they Aveda smoothing gel works like a charm!! Courtney J- an Aveda user and salon girl