Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Dream of Rings

Last night, I had a dream. About a ring. A ring from David. Only it wasn't from David, but from my old fiancé, which I was very not pleased about. What I was even more not pleased about was that the setting, which was a white gold, was like a telescope. It was a .5" tall cylinder with an emerald at the top. I was worried I would bang it all over the place. It was just like a ring that one of our friends had (in the dream, not real life), which was odd. Only mine could get shorter. It could smush into a moon ring shape and reveal the Ohio State stadium with little colored dots in the seats.

I told David this morning that I did not want an Ohio State stadium ring with little colored dots in the seats, if he should get me one.




Lynn said...

This is funny. Good thing you told David. You never know about men's taste. My husband did present me with a TALL ring. He had his grandmother's stone reset but he didn't tell me about it for FIVE YEARS. He thought I'd think him cheap if he'd given me the ring in its original setting. Not! On our tenth anniversary, we had it reset into a more manageable setting.

Anonymous said...

Well, if David did get you an Ohio State stadium shaped ring, he would be there #1 fan and quite weird in his jewelry taste! However, I think he knows better. Did he laugh when you told him this? What a dream, Katie-girl. You'll get your ring (hopefully soon) and perhaps even be able to pick it out too (I got to choose my setting-didn't mean to pick the most expensive one). We miss you. Happy Early b-day...when you receive a monogrammed gift for your personal use, it is from us!
Lots of love, CWJ

Anonymous said...

I'm alittle bit scared my dear....are you sure you haven't been hittn' the crack-rock in your free time? :):)