Saturday, April 08, 2006

Small Updates

Yesterday morning I woke up to my crazy neighbor announcing to our foyer things about dead babies and burning girls and "feed the lobster to the flower" and things like that. Well, not that exactly, but other phrases that didn't make sense. I opened the door to ask her to stop shouting in front of our door, and she announced that she was rehearsing her method acting, and that it would all be over shortly and to please close the door. I'd just read an article about Wu Wei, the act of not making an action for the wrong reasons or something, so with all of my might, I restrained further argument or potential yelling. I did call the landlord so that he could hear her, but no one answered. She was finished shortly after that.

The day progressed into a very tired one, most likely b/c for two mornings now I've had salmon on fresh plain bagels with cream cheese. The salmon is great, but the bagels not so much, as they are loaded with bad sugar and make my love handles go "blupe-blupe!" That and the Sunkists I've been drinking (yum!) with my huge burritos for dinner b/c I can't seem to budget in the grocery store.

Which brings us to today, where I had planned on going to Henri Bendels in the afternoon (after meeting with dog sitters in the morning) to investigate current products and displays before I go to the Henry Bendels Open See (open call for emerging designers), but freezing rain is going to keep me indoors today. David's gone, so I'm using this opportunity to be on the computer ALL DAY investigating Google Ad words (b/c I need more people to get to and buy some jewelry pouches!), figure out how to bring free USPS shipping to the shop, and a few other money generating things.

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