Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Checkbook Cover to the Rescue

Lunch was late today. I ate a plum for breakfast and was planning on having an early lunch, like at 12:30 or 1pm. Noon hit and I was cruising through the morning, sending emails to websites to update their links to point to our new URL. Then 1pm hit, and before I could leave for lunch, the phone rang and it was the bosses calling about all the errors I didn't catch in new pages and quick edits they'd sent (ok, YOU try not getting cross-eyed when reading changes in Word's Track Changes. I want to ban it.) The day slipped into 3pm, and then it was 4pm, and I completed everything and stomped to Whole Foods.

It was a delicious day at the Union Square Whole Foods! I grabbed a dish of prepared tuna/salmon sushi, filled up a little Chinese to go container of ceaser salad with bits of chicken and topped it with Mediterranean pesto baked tofu (a new like of mine), and didn't stop at the little side of freshly baked macaroni and chedder cheese and maple brown sugar sweet potatoes. Yippie! I was going to eat well and go back to the office and proof my little heart out after a quick shot of wheatgrass!

Cut to the checkout line (also picked up a Paper magazine to read on the subway ride home), and I reached into my pink Hobo purse for my check card, and nothing. No card. Not in the pockets of my purse or in my moss katie james checkbook cover that I've been using as a wallet. Not in my coat pockets. And Whole Foods doesn't take checks! Which did not look good for the fate of my checkbook covers (poor things...checks are really so ten years ago...but I love the check register).

All of the karma I've been creating with homeless people for just this sort of situation, where I actually could not eat yet was about to pass out, was not coming to fruition. And never did, really. The homeless people have all of my laundry quarters, and I'm out lunch. The cashier, who was pregnant and could not tell through my vibes that I manage a pregnancy website for crying out loud, would not loan me the food. I was a bum. A whole lotta checks with no one to write them to.

Except to myself! I remembered the good old days of being with Mom, when she'd go to the grocery store and 'cash a check.' I didn't even know how to cash a check. I haven't deposited a check to a teller in many years. Maybe never! I carry checks every day, but really never use them. Until today (cue smile in my face and lighter spring in my step)! I walked right up to the bank and mounted the escalator to take me to the top until I found someone who could help me cash a check for $20. Luckily I had my license in my checkbook cover, as I'm full blown using it as a wallet, so I was granted the cash, walked back to Whole Foods and picked out my food all over again.

What would I have done without my checkbook cover?



Anonymous said...

Thank God for that checkbook cover! So did you have to put your food back or what happened? did you have to re-pick it out all over again?! oh man! I liked that post. I felt like I was there, as I could picture you going through all this stuff! sorry about the fact you couldn't eat until 4 making stupid corrections! gurrr.. haah I loved the part of the preg. cashier not being able to tell by osmosis that you manage a preg. website haha.

writing a paper.. writers block and too much info. ahhhhhhhhhhh

hear,t kw

Mista said...

I DID have to pick out all of my food again! It was silly, really. I stalked the cashier at first, and she sadly told me that they rolled up the bag of Round 1 and threw it away. So I almost forgot the most important things - the protien shots of sushi. When I got to the back, the guy scooping the mac and cheese and sweet potatoes was having a dejavu, until I confirmed for him that yes, I had just been here, and that no, I didn't buy it the first time b/c I had no money. At that point, an old man customer kind of turned around quickly to evaluate me. Oh dear.