Sunday, November 06, 2005

Soul Food Party is Huge Success!

The annual soul food/comfort food party was a huge success this year, the second year in this apartment. We didn't make it to hula hoop at the Ding Dong Lounge up the road, but after a 3-cheese-mac-and-cheese, smashed potatoes (aka smashed potato skins with bacon), green been casserole with mushroom soup, bbq and roasted chicken, deviled eggs, fluffer nuffers, delicious wine, who could hula? We comfortably crammed in about 20 people, all of whom skipped the hours devours (except for the homemade spring rolls - ingredients bought in China Town) and dove straight into the entrees.

(pictured above is our 'campfire' on the coffee table...David was ready with the whip cream...I mean fire extinguisher...while pictured below is the fondue maker who made the fondue and is roasting her marshmellow for dipping...)

The night was blissfully topped with brownies, apple tart, and chocolate fondue and s’mores - campfire style! It may have been one of the only campfires with actual roasting of marshmallows in New York City last light. We are so far from the ground - up with the seagulls - that to see a blazing fire on a coffee table is something that could only happen at Hogwarts.

And now, I'm off to post another post about stationery printed by letterpress (and FashionMista's first interview with an emerging designer!) Meanwhile, I will dash off to the kitchen to get a plate of leftover chocolate chip stuffed brownies and a fork, and will go to town.

David asks: "Aren't you full yet?"
Not when there is food to eat.

Come to think of it, this is David's 3rd comfort food party. There have been four (all of which have been in this building, but in different apartments as I keep moving within the building). The first one David was a guest, while my old boyfriend was in town, as David was my neighbor at the time. The next party, I had moved several floors up, and David had made his move, so we were officially dating. He almost didn't make it after smoking his first Cuban cigar which nearly knocked him out. And then this year, he co-hosted with armloads of ice-cream and booze, and is now polishing off the 3rd round of dishes. Love him.



kellyyyyy said...

SO glad you had fun!!! sounds like a dream. love the " love him." at the end... oh kotie and dovid.

finished painting the new apt. today! phew! packing is a bitch.. can't wait to catch up!
next year soul food party, I'm there.. with Persian dish in hand!

Mista said...

The Persian dish will be a great new edition! Wow, sound like you painted the place fast! Can't wait to catch up! Am having lots of thoughts on the website design...