Friday, November 11, 2005


After spooking the living daylights out of myself, I have succesfully preformed my first very indepth search for the perfect nightlight. I knew this would tucker me out and totally distract me, so I now present you with some grownup nightlights in case you need them. It's amazing how many gingerbread house nightlights there are out there.

The I Love Lucy Nightlight:

The Egg Nightlight (after you click on this image, scroll way down to get to the product):

The Glowing Bubble Lights (my favorite):

First of all, I really like UncommonGoods, and second of all, you just squeeze and the light goes on. Guess that wouldn't help if you woke up in the middle of the night and the light had dimmed out after 4 hours. Hmm.

and The Toaster

ok, so it's not a nightlight, but I really like it if I were making toast. i have no idea where to buy it.


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