Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter's Getting a Good Body

So I saw it at 11:59pm on Thursday night. It so wiped me out, that I could only bring you the interview with One Good Bumblebee, and then recover from the night and the week this weekend. First of all, I went all by myself (boyfriend was working, and for some reason, all close friends don't read Harry Potter - vie them!), but was surrounded by lots of screaming teanage girls and their boy tagalongs. Wasn't expecting this extension of a high school lunchroom!

The movie itself was really scary. And really dark and all that. However, as with the last movie, The Prisoner of Azkaban, I'm glad I had just finished re-reading the books leading up to it, because these directors and writers seem to only include about 30% of the details. So as scary as the movie was (scary dragons, Voldemort, merpeople) it was kind of like drinking skim milk when you could have had a nice half-caff vanilla latte with whole milk.

But I came out of the movie happy. And taxi drivers got an unexpected rush of people at 3am in a normally dead area of town. And now I must run because Gerdy and Dinah would really like to be fed, and Dinah just tipped over Gerdy's bowl of water to get my attention, and it worked.

Oh, and, Go Bucks!!


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say for Thanksgiving that I'm grateful for Kotie's blog :)

gobble gobble,
kelly from work