Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gen Art Shopping Spree

Yippie! Let's all shop (all who live in New York) the emerging high-end fashion designers at Gen Art's Shopping Spree at the Puck Building for $10 a pop (free for Gen Art members) on Tuesday, November 8th, which includes free cocktails and pampering! I'd totally go if my dear friend, New York City Mouse, wasn't getting a boobectomy that day and will need recuperation ice-cream. But we'll see.

Here's a list of some designers who are going to be there...should be good:
(click here for the full list of participating designers)

Anna Kula
Bilingual Clothing
Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute
Dare 2 Diamond
Lisa Levine
Loungewear Betty
Lulu Frost
Marjorie Victor
Nili Lotan
Red Toe Nails
Rena Tom
Sacque Suit
Shana Lee
Sistahs of Harlem
Smith & Hone
Suzette Sundae
Thea Grant

See you there?


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