Thursday, October 13, 2005

Working from Home: Day 1

It has been decided, that in the name of the quality of our lives, we can have a few work from home days! My first day was today, as I have lots of design/tweaking work to do on the new site for work (day job), which means that my laptop, with all of the right software, lovely screen and warm titanium keyboard, is my main computer and can follow me anywhere. So it let's me be at home, during this continuous NY rain, keeping an ear out for my crazy neighbor and her dog.

Enough about that. Look what the rain is doing to us:

That's Gerdy and Dinah on the couch, laying on a sweet cotton print that will soon become Gerdy's dog bed so that she can get down from that couch. It's colder in the apartment than it is outside. Why? Because it's leaking in here. It's kind of like living in a leaky bathtub.

That's right. The sky is falling, for real, just like it did last year, which landed half my wardrobe at the drycleaners (bill fitted by landlord), and half of my bedroom in the living room while they 'painted' the walls that never quite dried, which led me to call the Housing Department and get reamed out by my landlord, but put the fear of Katie into him, which did land me an OK deal on my current apartment, speaking of which, here is a early rainy evening view of the upper west side from my kitchen. Doesn't it make you never want to go outside?

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ruben macias said...

pase por aqui no me tengan miedo.