Saturday, October 08, 2005

Victoria Keen - Obsessed with Silkscreening

Who needs some comfortable clothes, perhaps for the set of yoga classes you're going to sign up for, that are silkscreened with the whimsical and explosive designs of Victoria Keen? She has the neatest site, and shows how she produces the silkscreening by going to her website and clicking on "about" and then "process" (I'd link to it here, but it'd be out of context from her site). Tre cool, I suggest you click through it. You'll want to make a design, get a screen, and slurp paint all over it. Yum!

I know Victoria Keen from afternoons in the fabric store (Mood), where one of their highly skilled fabric experts (and a designer herself) introduced us. Victoria has been building her company since 2002, and now has a store on Lafayette Street where she shows and sells her clothes, and a business structure set up where she can silkscreen her cute little head off. And it's all made in New York, which explains how I ran into her at my manufacturer while picking up a jewelry pouch that had two female snaps sewn on to the ring holder, instead of the usual male/female. Oops, but he does great work otherwise.

Victoria was encouraging when I ran into her, reminding me that starting a fashion design business takes time, but it can happen. And it will, gosh darnit! Ok, back to the book - the fashion designer survival guide.

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