Tuesday, October 11, 2005


As I listen to my crazy (schizto) neighbor 'train' her dog outside of my apartment door, where she alternates between screaming "NO!" and "Mi Amore!", I try not to get stressed over production of my products. To sooth the soul, I'm boiling noodles for my hot tuna pasta (canned tuna, pasta, mayo, parmesan - gross to many, very yummy to me) and glass of milk. Being a small designer with no formal training in fashion design, and no industry job to fall back on (and I still don't want one because it might suck all of my energy delegated to designing and luxery/ignorance of making up my own rules), I am learning the very hard way about squeezing in small orders to the manufacturer.

I'm at the Production chapter now of the book (Fashion Designer Survival Guide), and am ready to hit the brutal reality of quantity, as I just went through that with minimums and fabric. This was my great fear - the bubble bursting fear, that this book would make me think that developing a line of accessories and one day clothing would be impossible. But I guess it's like any medicine, and I just have to take it, digest it, and finish it with some Pillsbury cookie dough.

PS: here are some new colors of the jewelry pouch. order now to before i place my last order of the year! ;) kidding.

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