Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gerdy's Dog Bed

At last, Gerdy has her very own, Katie James dog bed. The motivation to getting me to finish it was my two new days of working from home. It was so sad telling her to get down off the couch, then hearing her thud onto the hard floor. :( This bed is a little small for her, but will have to do until I get more fabric to make a bigger one.

Like a good sister, Dinah has promptly claimed it. This will be interesting.

I've been keeping old pillows in the corner of my sewing room. I took one, opened it up to the foam, and stretched into slightly flatter oval. I took a 350 thread count sheet (I ruined its color in the wash...), cut it up and sewed it around the new pillow shape to make it a permanent encasing. Like all Katie James products, the dog bed had to be made of the finest fabric, since Gerdy is used to sitting on my velour couch, velvet bed spread, and David's leather couch. I took some Ann Klein quilted pink cotton that I had a bunch of, and used it as the cover, which is like a duvet and comes off to be thrown in the wash.

Yeah! Hopefully I can get this into production after adding more decorative details and figuring out who to contact to make pillows, and then everyone can have one!


kellyfromwork said...

Soooooo c ute! i love it!!!

kot! went home for the weekend- i got back and had mail from you for Adam.. he's so excited to look through it. VERY sweet of you to think of him! he was very excited/appreciative.

miss you - wanna catch up. PS i'm moving! still in BKLYN but I can't wait.. i told you kot, the whole world changed... you need plan B!!!

miss you-

casaevita said...

yess one 4 my doggie as well please!!

Mista said...

You got it!