Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Fashion Designer Survival Guide

Check out The Fashion Designer's Survival Guide by Mary Gelhar and a forward by Zac Posen, with chapters by many different people in the field. It's the insider's guide to starting a fashion design label. I've ordered it and can't wait for it to come...I need it! It covers tons of areas that I otherwise discover via sneak attacks, so this will help me remain sane as I develop katie james. It's hard to do this as a one-woman show who is pressed for time, especially a one-woman show with no background in fashion design expect for a few classes at FIT and a life with a mother who reps high end clothing lines and is obsessed with boutiques.

I've already bought and read parts of Trademarking and Copyrighting for Dummies, which was a BIG help. Now I'm ready for a juicy fashion survival guide!


New York City Mouse said...

Oh! I was going to suggest this title to you--now I don't have to! I've heard good things. Also for less creative ladies, may I recommend this:


Helpful and a doorbell. I wish I'd written it myself.

Mista said...

Ooh, goodie, high praise from the publishing world. Yes, thanks to my mom, the ever watchful eye of good resources, she suggested it!

This book you recommended is cute!