Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back From Maine!

I know you're in a hurry, and I am too (getting sleepy...but am determined to post for many many fans in Singapore, Portugal, Ohio and New York), but here are the highlights of Maine, the way life should be. My camera's batteries decided to caput on about the prettiest day, so I don't have many pictures of those, or much else, since I had to be very selective:

First of all, our house was taken over by many large spiders - brown ones with claws. It was very scary and they invaded my dreams. They also did nothing to decrease the amount of mosquitoes. I was not impressed.

The first few days were very foggy, so we shopped and cleaned racks of 60% off Nili Lotan (like her site, check it out), a lucky sweater from Laurie B. (can't find her website) and some not-so-onsale stretch jeans from Christopher Blue (not hip-huggers, for once).

And most imporantly, an indulgance in more pottery...

Then, it was men looking at cars...

and men flying planes...

Then I concentrated on getting a good picture of Gerdy, which was very difficult when she played so elusively:
Not going to cut it:

Gerdy running away from my brother who's trying to catch her on film:

Gerdy really running...

The most I could get when teasing her with prospect of cookies:

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