Monday, August 08, 2005

Jewelry Pouches Get Bigger

Exciting news! I just came from my manufacturer here in New York, and he's completed my second sample for the jewelry pouch (although, they put the pockets on upside-down...oops). This new and improved jewelry pouch will have five pocket-pockets like the last (not deep cavernous shoots where your earrings get lost in the bottom point), not one but two ring and necklace holders, and three dangly earring strips. Overall, it's a bit larger to hold more bracelets and still has the dual-drawstrings.

Can't wait to show you as he's making more and still has the jewelry pouch sample and pattern. Then I'm off to show them to stores and ship them to out-of-town boutiques. I always get my coolest things from my hometown. I think it's because they pick the best from New York designers, and put it all in one place.

In the meantime, I may make a dog bed for Gerdy, as she’s been collapsing on the floor in a very loud heep...

Stay tuned...

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