Monday, July 25, 2005

Update on the Fashion Front

So I guess I should update you a bit on the fashion front. Boyfriend dared me to hit the pavement with my designs, so I did. Sort of. I'm inching my way out of my apartment and into stores. Random emails to web boutiques aren't having any effect, so I approached a store called Liberty House in the upper west side. They work with local designers, and actually carry some of my favorite, very feminine and funky slippers (Goody). I spoke with the owner who was very nice, but is going on vacation, so suggested I show my things next week.

My second stop was a bit more spontaneous and unexpected. My breakfast cafe has always displayed photos, and this weekend was displaying purses by a local designer. I swallowed all embarrassment and asked if they wanted to show other things. So, maybe something will come of that in the fall.

Production-wise, I need to find a pattern-maker, and plan to stalk the halls of FIT until I find one. Then I'll have a new product out for dogs (a doggie-treat pouch) that I just love and keep using for myself! And my new, super fast computer should arrive today! When that happens, I plan to add some ecommerce to my site, so you all can just click your little hearts out to order jewelry pouches and checkbook covers.

Oh, and, keep your eyes out for some FashionMista T-shirts!

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